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Welcome to the College of International IP Rights


We are a premier institution offering 100% online courses dedicated to providing not only comprehensive knowledge, but also practical skills in the field of intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.  At the College of International IP Rights ("College of IP"), we understand the critical role that intellectual property plays in today's globalized and competitive marketplace.

Our mission is to provide practical education in the field of intellectual property law for professional development and career advancement by offering comprehensive online education programs and practical training in various aspects of IP.

Each online course is carefully crafted by a seasoned professional in the field of intellectual property law. We offer a flexible and convenient learning experience, allowing students to study at their own pace from anywhere in the world. Whether you are a working legal professional seeking to enhance your skillset, an aspiring IP team member, or an entrepreneur in need of IP training, our courses provide a comprehensive understanding and training in intellectual property.

What to expect from the College of IP:

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum covers all aspects of patent and trademark protection, including strategic models, overviews of different filing strategies, risk assessment analysis, enforcement techniques, and more.

  2. Practical Approach: We emphasize practical learning by studying real-world case studies that enable students to apply their knowledge and develop practical skills.

  3. Expert Faculty: Each course is taught by an experienced professional who possesses extensive knowledge and practical expertise in the field of intellectual property rights, which brings real-world insights and industry best practices to the virtual classroom.

  4. Career-oriented Training: We offer specialized courses for IP jobs that are in high demand. We offer in-depth training on the specific responsibilities and tasks involved in these roles. Students gain a competitive edge in pursuing careers in IP.

  5. Networking Opportunities: As part of our vibrant learning community, students will have the opportunity to connect with peers, industry professionals, and mentors, fostering valuable relationships and expanding their professional network.

  6. Continuing Education: We are committed to supporting lifelong learning. We offer advanced courses and workshops to help legal and patent professionals stay updated with the latest developments in intellectual property laws and regulations.

Whether you are a small business or entrepreneur, a legal professional or newly licensed patent practitioner, an individual wanting to work in the field of intellectual property or just someone passionate about the field of intellectual property, the College of International IP Rights provides a comprehensive and accessible platform to enhance your knowledge and skills. Enroll today and unlock the potential of intellectual property protection in the global marketplace.

Pursue  Certificates of Completion in IP


Obtaining certificates of completion in intellectual property courses can be immensely beneficial for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and expertise in this field. By obtaining certifications in different areas of IP you'll acquire a diverse set of skills for protecting IP.  

Career Advancement

Our Certificates of Completion in intellectual property demonstrate a deep understanding of IP concepts and recent case law. It serves as a tangible proof of one's expertise, making individuals more competitive in the job market. Employers often value candidates with specialized knowledge in IP, as they can play a crucial role in protecting and managing intellectual assets. Whether you are looking to transition into a career in IP law, corporate IP management, or technology transfer, our IP Certificates of Completion can open doors to new opportunities and higher-level positions.

Continued Professional Development

Intellectual property laws are dynamic and subject to regular updates and changes. Online courses in IP provide a convenient and accessible means for professionals to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field. By completing courses in advanced IP law subject matter, individuals can engage in continuous professional development, ensuring their skills and knowledge remain current. This ongoing commitment to learning can not only enhance one's professional competence but also demonstrate a dedication to maintaining the highest standards of ethical and legal practices in intellectual property.

Our Courses & Certificates


Enhance your understanding of trademark law and its practical applications by delving into real-world case studies.

  • Learn a¬†wide array of strategies employed by businesses to establish distinctive trademark portfolios in the competitive marketplace.
  • Gain valuable insight into various trademark databases for conducting comprehensive trademark searches.
  • Explore the USPTO's Trademark ID manual for goods/services listings provided¬†by the USTPO.
  • Navigate the USPTO Trademark Electronic Application Filing System (TEAS) through demonstrations at different stages of the trademark process.

In this course, you'll earn: 

  • ¬†Certificate¬† in¬†Trademark Essentials; AND
  • Certificate in the Trademark e-Filing System
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Online Patent Courses 

Patent Drafting I

Earn your Certificate of Completion in our introductory patent drafting course and showcase your understanding of the different sections of a patent application. We'll survey case law addressing different requirements for patentability to uncover the successes and failures of others to improve patent drafting skills.  This course also includes a demonstration in the preparation of a US provisional patent application.

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Patent E-Filing System

Learn to navigate the USPTO e-Filing system, receive an overview of the different filing documents available from the USPTO, and observe the actual filing of a US provisional patent application.  These skills are in high demand in law firms and legal departments.  Earn a  Certificate of Completion in Patent E-Filing to update your skills listing for careers in intellectual property law.

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Patent Prosecution for Legal Assistants

Embark on a transformative journey with our Certification in Patent Prosecution for Legal Assistants, designed to equip legal assistants and paralegals with the essential skills necessary to support patent attorneys in their daily practice.  Covered is an overview of patent law, common patent prosecution tasks, an introduction to processing forms, reporting procedures, and docketing methodologies commonly used in intellectual property law firms and departments.

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Who Are Our Students?

Legal Professionals

Our courses not only teach legal theory but also recent case law to stay up to date  in the intellectual property legal field.

Corporate Executives

Learn the basics of intellectual property to begin identifying the different forms of IP in your company. 

Entrepreneurs & Startups

Is your invention or brand protectable?  Learn the basics of intellectual property law to generate business strategies and significantly improve your communication with outside firms. 


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