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Chancellor & Head of Curriculum Design

Hi, I'm Raymond Wagenknecht, a seasoned patent attorney with over 20 years of experience. Since 2005, I have successfully managed an IP boutique law firm, specializing in patent and trademark law, and have achieved remarkable milestones throughout my career by securing hundreds of patents and trademarks for my clients.

Interestingly, my journey into the field of patent law was not initially part of my childhood dreams. Before attending law school, I worked in the biotechnology industry, where I unexpectedly encountered the challenges posed by patent infringement!  Oops! My bad. This pivotal moment sparked my interest and led me to pursue a career in intellectual property law.

While I have always thrived in working with cutting-edge technologies, it is the people I have collaborated with that have truly enriched my professional experience. I have had the privilege of training numerous attorneys, patent agents, paralegals, docketing specialists, and legal assistants throughout my career. I firmly believe that if you seek tangible results, our courses are the ideal choice, as they focus on practical applications rather than mere theoretical knowledge.

Establishing the College of International IP Rights is a testament to my commitment to go beyond theoretical teachings. I aim to provide you with actionable steps and insights into obtaining intellectual property rights both in the US and abroad. However, my dedication extends far beyond these courses. I am actively engaged in fostering collaborations to develop highly specialized training programs, as well as providing career placement assistance to aspiring professionals in this field.

Join me on this journey, and together we can unlock the vast potential of intellectual property.

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